William Higgins

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The name William Higgins is legendary in the world of gay porn. Since the late 1970’s this industry titan has filmed hundreds, perhaps thousands of naked young men having gay sex on several continents. His prolific career has earned him several awards, a place in the GAYVN Hall of Fame, and for this reviewer, provided hundreds of happy orgasms.

He began his career like so many other porn directors of the last century, in Southern California, roaming the beaches and discovering such classic gay icons as Kip Knoll, Mike Henson and the King brothers (JW and Jon). Higgins eventually decided to leave America for the Czech Republic where he and Bel Ami have practically cornered the market on discovering young uncut men from the European/Russian region who are willing to pose nude and have gay for pay sex.

Like most porn producers best known for creating DVDs, Higgins moved to the web where his WilliamHiggins.com website is a must-see for lovers of nude studs. In its current configuration the site offers hundreds of hours of high quality gay porn entertainment. Male models appear in one or more videos from the following categories:

Castings: This is often the first stop for a guy trying out for Higgins. They strip and show off their body in brief videos set in a small room that yes, has the proverbial “casting couch”. Sometimes the guys get a hard-on but no cumshots are filmed here.

Still Photo Sessions: Higgins and his crew film the photo sessions they conduct with models so we get to see them slowly strip off their clothes, get an erection and pose in several different ways. Again, no cumshot here, those are saved for…

Erotic Solos: Similar to the photo session videos, the models strip at a more normal pace and jerk off to a cumshot. In between we see them strip and pose. Most of these scenes take place in a bedroom or studio session although Higgins has been known to put the guys in costumes and niche locations like workout rooms.

Full Contact: In these scenes models are paired together and have full hardcore gay sex with cocksucking and ass fucking. Almost all of these scenes from the last few years are bareback style, no condoms.

Cherry Busting: Same as the Full Contact scenes except one of the models is a gay sex virgin, getting fucked on camera for the first time.

Czech Up: A medical fantasy theme similar to College Boy Physicals where a lucky dude is probed and prodded by a “doctor” or “male nurse”.

Helping Hand & Massage: As the names imply, models receive body worship and oiled massages, followed by hot “happy endings”. That of course is a euphemism for getting jacked off.

Soft Duos: These are somewhat unique in that they feature two guys in a more romantic, less hardcore scene. Expect lots of kissing and hugging. Awwww!

Wrestling: Two studs meet on the mat to grapple their way to a climax… literally! After getting all sweaty from wrestling the guys jerk off. Some of my favorite scenes in this category have the men oil each other up, rubbing their hands all over their competitors muscled body.

Kink & Fetish: Although not a huge category, Higgins has been known to put his models into leather and rubber fetish gear and set them in slightly kinky scenes with chains and bondage. Nothing too crazy here though.

Backstage: As the name implies these videos take you behind the scenes to watch how the gay porn magic happens in the Higgins studio and on location.

Wank Parties: And finally, the videos Higgins is famous for, the group orgies featuring at least three and often groups of six or more horny Euro/Czech studs having hardcore gay sex.

All of the videos have great lighting, editing and production quality with scenes from the last few years filmed in super high definition 4K. Personally I find the 1080p videos to be good enough quality for me and they also stream and download faster.

The men at William Higgins come (and cum) in every body shape and size, from young and skinny twinks to beefy and hunky bodybuilder types. Because Higgins has been doing this for so long you are sure to find guys that turn you on among the hundreds to choose from. The photos I selected in the above slideshow are some of my personal favorites.

You can download photosets of each scene and these are also very high in quality. In fact, if there was one overall word to describe the Higgins website it would be “quality”. You really get your money’s worth here.

With its huge library of content and variety of models, William Higgins is a gay porn mega-site that can’t be missed!

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