Pride Studios

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Imagine a shopping mall that only sold gay porn and that’s sort of what you get with a membership to Pride Studios. This is one of those multi-site one-stop destinations for porn that gives its members hundreds of videos featuring a huge stable of hot and hunky guys. Here are the gay pornsites you get with a Pride Studios subscription:

  • Extra Big Dicks – The name says it all, with some of the largest cocks you can find on the internet all here in solo jack-off and hard-core sex scenes. A lot of the guys here are black or Latin so you can expect some whopper size dicks to salivate over.
  • Men Over 30 – Who says only young pups are hot and deserve to be in gay porn? Not here, where guys in the 30 to 40 age range are the stars, usually having sex with each other or showing a young twink the ins and outs of gay sex. I wish I had older mentors like these!
  • Circle Jerk Boys – Contrary to the name this site is not an exclusive repository of group sex scenes, otherwise known as “circle jerks”. Yes there are some of those here but most of the videos are simply hardcore duo scenes with some hot guys (many Latins) sucking cock and fucking. This is the site where you can find several videos featuring real life gay lovers Vinnie and Maurico, two of my favorites!
  • Dylan Lucas – The popular gay pornstar gets his own pornsite where he fucks other hot young guys. The site has gotten away from including Dylan in every scene and now is more of a standard gay porn website.
  • Cock Virgins – Another site where the name clues you in on what to expect: amateur porn studs who have their first gay sexual experience filmed on video. The dudes here often go on to appear on other pornsites.
  • High Performance Men – To be honest I’m not sure what the theme of this site is, maybe energetic fucking? There is certainly a lot of that so perhaps the “high performance” relates to the endurance and enthusiasm the models exhibit. I know I’ve had some “high maintenance” boyfriends that I would have much preferred to be “high performance”.
  • Boyz Party – This is an old website last updated in 2013 that features only twinks, or guys in the 18 to 21 age range who are cute, thin and hairless.
  • And then there is Pride Studios itself which is its own site featuring hot gay sex videos starring many of today’s top (and bottom!) gay pornstuds.

    Out of all of these sites it appears at this writing that only Extra Big Dicks, Dylan Lucas, Men Over 30 and Pride Studios are updating on a weekly basis. The others still have lots of content available, so much in fact that it would take you weeks, months or maybe all year to get through it all.

    Pride Studios is one of just a handful of gay porn mega-sites that every card-carrying member of the Naked Men Admirers Club (something I just made up) should belong to. Follow the below link to go directly to the join page where you can get your membership pass.

    Join PRIDE STUDIOS here!