New York Straight Men

New York City! The Big Apple! The greatest city on earth! You’ve heard all the superlatives and if you’ve been there you probably agree that New York is an amazing city, especially if you like hot men. They’re everywhere, from business men on Wall Street to blue collar hunks in the Bronx to preppie guys in Manhattan, you name it and your type of man is probably roaming the streets of NYC right now.

So with thousands, maybe even millions of hot men to cast from, its no surprise that an enterprising porn company started New York Straight Men. In a world where it seems like most gay porn is either made in California, Latin American or the Czech Republic, NYSM has carved out a neat little niche by focusing strictly on men from the Big Apple. And make no mistake about it, when I say men I mean MEN! Hairy, masculine, horny straight men are what you’ll find at this site… but with a unique twist.

New York Straight Men started off like many gay porn sites by featuring hot guys doing solo jerk-off videos, but then something interesting happened. The producers hired cock loving gay dudes to worship the straight men so before you could say “Eat my dick cocksucker!” NYSM started to almost exclusively feature scenes where straight guys get blowjobs from gay dudes. The straight men rationalize that “a mouth is a mouth” so they happily lie back and enjoy the ride. You will too, especially if you love to see REAL amateur straight men getting their bodies and cocks worshiped.

Most of these New York Straight Men are definitely not “pretty boy” models and are actually kind of “average” in the looks department. If you’re into daddy types, or the hairy masculine types, or the uncut ethnic types, you will be in hog heaven here. And even if you’re not into those types, rest assured that almost all of the guys on this site have killer bodies or huge cocks… or both!

One of my favorite cocksuckers here from a few years back was named Christian. He never took off his shirt let alone his clothes but he brought the skill of blowjobs to a whole new level. I never cared which cock was on the receiving end of his hot mouth as long Christian’s sexy bearded face was bobbing up and down on it. I kept hoping that Christian would show us more of his body or perhaps even let another guy blow him for a change, but that never happened. Oh well, a boy can dream.

New York Straight Men offers both still photos and videos of their scenes. Some of their early photo quality is kind of weak but over the years it has gotten much better. The video quality has always been above average and you can download videos to watch on your hard drive.

One thing to keep in mind is that these guys are truly straight, so that means some dicks require quite a bit of sucking attention before they go from soft to hard. The director could give these guys some Viagra like other pornsites do, but they’re trying to keep it natural so I applaud them for that.

New York Straight Men is a must-see and well worth your time. It will make you want to hop on the first bus, train or plane to the Big Apple to see if you can track down your own New York straight man to seduce and worship. Just be careful… I suspect most straight guys might not be as agreeable to a blow job as the guys on this site are!