Cocky Boys

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As one of the few gay porn sites that still make an attempt to actually tell stories in addition to the sex, Cocky Boys stands out for something else: romance! The men actually kiss and cuddle here, when they’re not sucking cock and fucking like animals that is. An example is their boy band parody “One Erection”, which as you might expect casts several young hotties as an aspiring (or maybe that should be ass-piring) musical group. The guys show genuine affection and are obviously turned on by each other. In many of the videos you’ll feel like a fly on the wall, voyeuristically watching young men having intimate sexual relations.

Cocky Boys is also notable for featuring several well known gay porn superstars such as Colby Keller, Tommy Defendi and adult tube performer Bravo Delta. As for the sex, most of the scenes are not bareback, so if the use of condoms is a turn-off you may lose some of the enjoyment. I for one respect a studio that puts a high priority on their performers sexual safety.

The photography and video work here is first class. You can tell the video directors have high standards so things that are often ignored in most porn shoots, like good lighting, make-up, sound, etc. are skillfully addressed here. One minor criticism of the site is their use of video screen grabs instead of actual digital photos for some of their scenes. Fortunately this appears to only show up in their older videos with the newer scenes having excellent photo quality available in several resolutions. I actually use many of these pics as my background wallpaper on my PC.

So take a look at Cocky Boys and I think you’ll be impressed.

Visit Cocky Boys here!