Club Inferno Dungeon

After my recent review of Fisting Central several readers asked if I knew of more sites like that and yes indeed I certainly do. Club Inferno Dungeon is another gay porn website where fisting plays a prominent role. The site has loads of intense fucking action where arms, fists and monster size dildos are plunged into the ready-to-take anything asses of horny men. I swear I think some of these guys could take a pick-up truck up their butt. OK, I’m exaggerating but your jaw will probably drop when you see how much these asses can take. And its not all fisting, other kinky sex acts like sounding (sticking a steel rod into a pee hole — ouch!), bondage, jockstraps and leather are here. Some videos even feature puppy play, where one guy dresses up in a puppy hood and is on a leash and… well, you’ll just have to check out the site to see what happens. The image quality is crystal clear and the men are super hot. Like any fetish site, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if the sight of a muscular forearm or monster size dildo assaulting an asshole turns you on, this is a must-see site. Click the below link to go directly to their join page where you sign up and subscribe.