Circle Jerk Boys

A circle jerk is where a group of guys give handjobs to each other so I always wondered why the web site Circle Jerk Boys chose that name, because only a few videos feature anything close to a group handjob party. What you will find are some smoking hot men (mostly Latin) who jerk off alone and also have sweaty gay sex with other dudes. The cock sucking and fucking here can get pretty intense and its definitely hard-on inducing, especially when you consider that the site claims that most of the models are 100% straight. I guess when money talks men will do almost anything! As an added bonus you can watch interview scenes where the models talk about themselves and what turns them on. Some of my favorite scenes feature Maurico and Vinnie, the two guys in the photo above. Apparently they met while doing porn for Circle Jerk Boys and ended up as lovers. It’s fun to watch their sexual relationship evolve through their video work.

As of this writing it looks like Circle Jerk Boys may have stopped producing new content, but to make up for this they are now part of the Pride Studios network, so a subscription there gives you access to CJB and six other gay pornsites. I write more about these sites and include a large gallery of the models right here so check that out.

Or if you’re in the mood for some good porn right go directly to the join page for Pride Studios here.