Broke Straight Boys

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A lot of young straight men who do gay porn are broke and need the money so it was only a matter of time until a website decided to exploit that fact and milk it for all its worth. That’s what you get at Broke Straight Boys, a pornsite that brings together a couple “straight” guys to see how far they will go in having gay sex if enough money is thrown at them. In some of the early videos you can even hear the director haggling with the models, offering an escalating amount of cash if the straight guy will let another guy suck his cock, or do the sucking himself, or even go all the way into anal sex. The more the dudes are willing to do the more money they make. Capitalism at its best! Of course the guys always say yes and the results are often quite enjoyable. One of the best things about Broke Straight Boys is that the guys really do look and act broke and straight, so seeing their transformation into a gay porn star can be eye-opening. The majority of the site contains high quality videos and photos of two guys going at it but there are also several group gay orgy scenes and many solo jack off videos included as well. This site has changed directors over the years and it’s still going strong. It’s an excellent choice if you enjoy amateur gay porn with cute young guys.

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