Boy Gusher

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Deep moans of pleasure and explosive cumshots are a natural result of jerking off a young guy, as proven by the hot handjob videos found at Boy Gusher. Of course don’t let the word “boy” mislead you as all of the guys here are at least 18 years old, although some do look mighty young. The site has actually been around for many years and to be honest some of their early videos were not that great in quality. But they have vastly improved and I now consider Boy Gusher to be one of my favorite handjob sites. A lot of the videos follow the “sleeping guy” niche, where a dude is in bed napping as the mysterious “Mr. Hand” slowly creeps into frame to pull down the sheets and begin massaging the soft cock into full hard-on. In other videos a pair of guys take turns jerking each other off, some doing the pleasurable “reach around”, a favorite of mine. A few videos have blowjobs and there are also some solo jack off scenes of very hot guys. One side note is that this site seems to cast of lot of Latin men so if you’re into foreskin you’ll be happy here. It also appears that the same guys who produce Boy Gusher have a connection to the College Boy Physicals pornsite so if you like the models here you may want to join both sites. In summary, I must admit that I simply LOVE explosive cumshots and there are some amazing volcanic sperm eruptions here. Take a look for yourself!

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