Blake Mason

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Blake Mason is a real eye opener, or should I say “zipper opener”. It’s a must-see pornsite that contains some of the most passionate gay sex action you’ll find anywhere. The young British guys here fuck and suck cock with such raw intensity and sexual energy that your computer screen might just melt from the heat generated by these energetic dudes. This is an award winning site with some of the best amateur gay porn content outside of the USA.

I’ve seen a lot of gay porn in my day and I can honestly say that the videos at Blake Mason are some of the most authentically erotic and arousing I’ve had the pleasure to wank off to. If the models here are not actually gay they deserve an Academy Award for Best Actor. Only real gay guys could suck cock and fuck the way these men enthusiastically do. Blake Mason says that they sometimes allow the models to choose who they pair up with so maybe that’s why the arousal factor is so high here. The best way I can describe the sex action is to say that this may be the closest you’ll ever get to peeking in on two cute young guys having real, unscripted sex, just like they would in real life.

Blake Mason also has some of the most romantic videos you’ll see on the net. The guys kiss, fondle, massage and generally play around with each other like true lovers. The passionate affection they show for each other radiates off the screen. After seeing so many “gay for pay” straight men muddle their way through a gay sex scene its extremely refreshing to watch men who are really into each other and who genuinely enjoy a cock up their ass or down their throat.

Perhaps I’m biased towards Blake Mason because many of their videos contain one of my favorite things to see in gay porn: one hot dude jerking off another. I find it extremely arousing to see two guys fuck, then after the top blows his load he reaches over and finishes off his buddy with an intense handjob. I don’t know why more sites don’t show this… it seems like the norm is to have the bottom jerk himself off but I think its much hotter to see his partner do it. Something else you’ll see at Blake Mason that’s also a favorite of mine: the bottom cumming while being fucked by the top. Few things on the net push me over the edge like the sight of a guy’s dick shooting out cum while his ass is being fucked like a jackhammer.

Besides the amazing duo scenes, Blake Mason also offers up solo j/o scenes and even these are distinctive because of the way the camera captures every inch of the gorgeous man, often with extreme close-ups of his cock and balls (such a simple idea, I wonder why more sites don’t show this?). And there are several group sex scenes that often turn into wild orgies where the models do their own thing, ignoring the wishes of the director with unpredictable but exciting results. Many updates also include “bonus” videos composed of behind the scenes footage and outtakes of the guys goofing off.

The majority of the guys here are “twinks”, or young guys in the 18 to 25 age range with slim, hairless bodies and larger than average size cocks (I always wonder if cocks on twinks just look bigger because their bodies are thinner?). Every now and then you might see a hunky muscle dude or a hairy guy but these are the exceptions and not the rule. Two things almost all of the guys have in common here: they’re very cute and uncut (this is Britain after all).

The High Definition video quality at Blake Mason is outstanding. The media files I downloaded were sharp, clear and approach DVD quality on my PC… and these were the “High Quality” versions. There are also “Super High” quality versions of newer videos which I did not see but I imagine must be amazing. The older videos were filmed in standard definition but even these look very nice.

The site has hundreds of videos and with so much content a good search function is a must. Blake Mason delivers with an extensive search page that lets you find specific models by name and physical characteristics, or specific sex action by type such as “nipple play”, “super shooters”, “deep throat”, “kissing”… you name it. The only thing missing is a keyword search box. Another nice feature are the forums where members discuss and rate the content. Blake Mason obviously listens to and cares about their subscribers. They’re also good community members because they donate some of their profits to gay related charities.

Forget whether or not you like twinks… if you like cute guys, big cocks and some of the most intense gay sex action you can see anywhere, you definitely have to check out Blake Mason. This is one porn site that is doing almost everything right and well worth your hard earned dollars.

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