Bait Buddies

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Straight man seduction is the name of the game at this hot porn site. The action starts off with two dudes, one is gay (the “bait”) and the other is straight, but the straight guy doesn’t know his co-star is gay. He thinks they’ve both been hired to film a threesome hetero sex video with a girl, but the gay guy, the director and we the viewer know otherwise. It’s all a set-up. The imaginary girl cancels so the director offers the guys more money to do a gay for pay sex scene. The straight guy predictably says no way, but the potential of more money wears down his resolve and he gives in, with a little help from the “bait” talking him into it of course. What follows can often be a very hot sex scene with the straight guy tasting dick for the first time and progressing further into full-blown gay hardcore sex.

I really enjoy Bait Buddies but I have to admit I find myself carefully studying the straight guys reactions and mannerisms to see if their conversion to gay sex is real or just a planned set-up. Let’s be honest, movie makers are very skilled at faking things, and it just seems too far-fetched that these “straight” men will so easily put a dick in their mouth or ass… even with cash being thrown at them. It doesn’t help that some of these “straight” guys have already done gay sex at other websites. But after careful examination I’m fairly certain that most of these seductions are quite real… the straight guys just can’t be that good of an actor for it to be faked. Knowing this makes the site all the more erotic and a must-see.

Lusting after straight men is one thing, but seeing them suck cock or getting fucked is worth the price of admission. I especially like the mutual handjobs that can be seen in most videos (if you’re into this type of porn I also recommend the Jackmates blog). Something else I enjoy are the model interview scenes where you get nice close-ups of the guys faces and learn a lot about them. Bait Buddies also lets you download the entire photo shoot from each scene and the photo quality is quite good.

If you’re into the straight man seduction theme, Bait Buddies should be at the top of your list!

Check out Bait Buddies here!