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CFNM stands for Clothed Female Nude Male, a unique humiliation porn niche that all naked men admirers should know about and CFNM TV is a must-see if you enjoy seeing attractive young guys abused, denigrated and sexually assaulted (willingly) by aggressive, domineering women.

There are lots of very hot men who appear in straight porn videos but if you’re like me one of the problems in watching them is having to deal with all the tits and pussy in the way. Not a problem at CFNM TV because all of the women keep their clothes on! This makes it much easier to focus in on the stripped down studs and wow, there are some mighty fine specimens on display here! Each video has a loose storyline such as a medical physical, classroom sex-ed course, or anything that gives an excuse for stripping the clothes off a man. Once that happens a group of clothed women proceed to humiliate the dude while inspecting his naked body, paying extra attention of course to his flaccid dick. They poke and prod the poor guys penis and balls, eventually giving him an erection and then they either jerk him off or make him masturbate to orgasm.

The Clothed Female Naked Male fetish seems to be a uniquely British invention because the few pornsites that specialize in this were started in and based there. This means almost all of the dicks at CFNM TV are uncut so foreskin lovers rejoice! The men here also skew towards the younger age range, with a few muscle men cast every now and then. I must say I found just about all of the men very hard-on inducing. The same can’t be said about the cocks of the models though, which brings up one of the oddities about this site: you would think that most straight men would sport an immediate erection when stripped naked and fondled by one or more women but strangely enough several of the guys here seem to have wood problems in that area. Maybe they’re nervous or too humiliated, which of course is the point of the site. Thankfully by the end of the scenes they’re hard and spewing cum. I just wish there were more consistent hard-ons from the models throughout the ordeal. Someone needs to prescribe Viagra for these dudes!

One other nitpick about the site is that the videos are not made available forever… they actually expire after a certain period of time. There is still plenty of content here and of course you can download scenes for future viewing, but I don’t see the point of expiring the videos. The site would be much more of a value if they let new members see the older videos so hopefully they’ll change this in the future.

Back to the positives, the photo and video quality is outstanding. You get to see some great shots of the male models, showing every inch of their toned and firm bodies. I could do with less shots of the women but I understand lovers of the CFNM niche probably enjoy this. For me the fun of watching these videos is in seeing the reactions of the men as they’re at the mercy of a bunch of women, at their most vulnerable because of their total nudity. Maybe I have some inner Amazonian fantasy fetish I need to deal with but as a gay man I still found CFNM TV very easy to wank off to.

One final note: this site is produced by the same guys who bring us The Casting Room and Breeder Fuckers so you’ll see many of the same models on all of the sites. They also do a site that only has CFNM photos, no videos. In this day and age where video is king I’m surprised anyone does a photo only site but if you’re a true fan of CFNM you can check out the photos only Adventures In CFNM here (that link takes you to CFNM TV but at the top is a link that goes to the photo only site). Oh, and in the photos on this page you may notice a watermark with the text “”. That’s what the photos only CFNM site used to be called. You can get right to the videos only CFNM TV site at the below link.

Visit CFNM TV here!