Active Duty

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There’s something about military men that gets my heart pumping and cock growing. And I’m not alone. Military men have been gay fantasy material for generations, probably even back to the time of Roman gladiators. To feed this obsession in our century a small but popular niche among gay porn sites feature “amateur military men” who strip nude and jerk-off, with some going all the way by having gay sex with their armed forces comrades.

One of the most prolific sites in this genre is Active Duty. Created and run by legendary porn producer Dink Flamingo, Active Duty prides itself on finding real live military guys who strip off their uniforms and proudly display their naked, muscled bodies. Many of these guys are authentic military recruits and veterans, which you can tell by their tattoos, dog tags and the way they talk and act. They are almost all 100% straight, which makes what they do even more shocking and surprising. Active Duty has been able to crack the code to somehow convince real military guys to have gay sex on camera for the first time (the “code” probably involves lots of cash). Watching tough guy military men tasting cock and getting fucked for the first time can be a thrilling and extremely satisfying experience.

The production quality is very high and the men are almost all hot, hunky and masturbation worthy. Many of the videos include interviews or banter between the models and these discussions can be as hot as the actual sex scenes. The bottom-line is that Active Duty is an absolute “must-see” if you lust after real military men. Watching these straight hunks have a first time gay sex experience is a treat that will give you plenty of hard-ons and cumshots.

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