The Guy Site

UPDATE: We’re sad to report that the owner of The Guy Site was murdered and the site is now off-line. We’ll leave our below review up for historical use and in memory of the wonderful work produced by the owner. Clicking the above “Enter The Guy Site Here” link will return you to this page.

With a simple name and format The Guy Site delivers a big beefy selection of average “real men”, naked and hard as a rock. The dudes here definitely skew towards the slightly older, hunky ex-jock type. Think about the hot football players you lusted after in high school or college and then add about 10 years and this is the type of guy you’ll see here. They’re not fat or obese, although some of them are a few Big Mac’s away from getting there. As for cock sizes they range from uncut humongous to average and even “bite-size”… or in other words, something for everyone. The guys here have something special that makes them irresistible. Call it charisma or a natural hunkiness, all I know is that I wouldn’t mind cuddling up in the strong arms of any of the men here.

For a long time the videos on this site followed the same format: one or more guys in a hotel room, stripping naked and posing for photos, sometimes trying on sexy underwear, and then jerking off while they watch porn. All followed up with a shower and then the clothes go back on. End of scene. More recently The Guy Site has filmed hardcore sex scenes with actual fucking and blowjobs, although watching straight guys attempt gay sex can sometimes be awkward. You’ll also see several “hands-free” cumshots, where the model removes his hand from his dick just as the jizz shoots out. Awesome!

But all is not perfect in guy-land. Awhile back the site switched over to a some very annoying membership plans. In the past you could pay a reasonable monthly fee and be able to watch and download every video on the site, just like 99 percent of the porn site out there. Now The Guy Site only lets you download and keep videos if you buy credits, which can turn out to drain your wallet pretty quick. If downloading is not important to you they also offer a streaming only option. I’m not a big fan of this business model and if the men at The Guy Site weren’t so damn hot I’d probably ignore the site and take my porn dollars elsewhere. As it is, The Guy Site is hard to resist, even with their fucked up membership offers, so if the guys you see here make your cock stir I say check them out.