Breeder Fuckers

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If the idea of sexually dominating men, or in other words capturing, restraining and abusing a hot and hunky straight men, both psychologically and sexually, is a secret fantasy of yours, then the website Breeder Fuckers will be a dream come true.

At this extreme fetish site straight men are abducted, stripped naked and put through a series of humiliating and sometimes violent torture scenes. Yes, all of the models consent to this extreme action but the abuse can still be quite shocking, and this is coming from someone who has seen some pretty outrageous porn videos. There isn’t any blood or gore like in a “Saw” movie but portions of the videos can be just as disturbing. Get ready for buckets of tears and plenty of red faces and ass cheeks from the victims. Their pleading eyes and begging voices prove that these dudes are experiencing real “hell” (the site was actually called Straight Hell at first before changing to the Breeder Fuckers name). As for the types of torture, just about all the top hits are here such as hot wax, restraints, forced cocksucking and extreme anal penetration by sticks, poles and yes, dicks.

Although I by no means consider myself a torture-porn fan I have to admit that I enjoy Breeder Fuckers, partly because its so unique and also because most of the heterosexual models are super hot, ranging from hunky bodybuilder types to cute young twinks. Seeing them totally helpless and begging for release (both literally and sexually) is surprisingly arousing. The production value and image quality are first rate so if this particular fantasy turns you on Breeder Fuckers is a must-see site. It’s a British based site made by the same guys who produce CFNM TV and The Casting Room so many of the same models appear on all the sites.

Visit Breeder Fuckers here!