Straight Fraternity

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This is one of those porn sites where the video director is part of the action, giving hand-jobs, blow-jobs and even the occasional fucking to a roster of “straight” naked college jocks who don’t seem to have any problem with another guy making them cum. As the site name implies, the guys are the frat dude type and almost all are hot, young and hunky.

I love Straight Fraternity but have to admit that every time I visit I get a sense of regret that I didn’t start a site like this myself. I mean, what better way to make a living than by filming hot young naked guys while they masturbate, and best of all, actually getting to suck and jerk off some of these dudes? But I’m the shy type and would never want my face on video so I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through the owners of Straight Fraternity. I say “owners” plural because the site has changed ownership over the years.

Many of the early videos show the guys genuine reaction as they have their first gay experience. We often see his face as his orgasm erupts and this alone has been enough to push me over the edge several times. The site also did several “gay chicken” scenes where two or more straight guys are dared and coaxed into doing something sexual with another guy. With the new ownership it looks like the site has evolved into more of a run-of-the mill gay porn site. They don’t seem to be getting as many hunky naked college jocks who truly fit the frat brother look as they used to. Also, it appears that they’ve removed some of their early videos and are re-publishing them sporadically. But even with those quibbles the site is worth a look so check it out.

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