Southern Strokes

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The south rises again every day at Southern Strokes. And by “rise” I mean cocks rising up into full hard-on glory! Who says Southern California has a lock on finding hot guys willing to get naked and do porn? Sexy studs are everywhere, including the southern corner of the USA (Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, etc.) where this pornsite is located. You can tell as you listen to the models speak and that oh-so-sexy southern drawl comes out. The video and photo quality is pretty good although I’d like to see better utilization of the two video cameras they use for filming scenes… sometimes the second camera has a similar shot to the first, which is sort of redundant. I’d also like to see a lot more close-ups of the cute faces on these guys. Some of the faces here are to die for and we don’t see enough of them. Other than those minor quibbles the site is worth a look. Southern Strokes is also unique for the “nerdy” guys they occasionally feature (and by nerd I mean guys who wear glasses). There are also several red heads who get naked and prove that the carpet matches the drapes. There‚Äôs an innocent, laid back quality to the men here, indicative of the South in general, which makes Southern Strokes a site you’ll enjoy. One last thing: lately the site has been recycling older content and they appear to have cut back on new productions. Not sure if this is permanent or temporary but its something to keep an eye on.

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