Scary Fuckers

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Skinheads, tattoos and leather, oh my! That’s what you get at Scary Fuckers, a gay porn site loaded with tough guys, rough sex and extreme fetish action. The men here are hyper-masculine and mean, bordering on dangerous! These are not the kind of dudes you’d want to meet in a dark alley… or maybe you would? If you’re reading this far you might like living on the edge so these Scary Fuckers could be just what you’re looking for. You’ll see the standard gay hardcore duos and threesome scenes here and a few group orgy scenes, usually where a bunch of guys fuck one lucky dude. I have noticed that over the years the models have started to look less menacing and more like typical Euro pornstuds, but the sex is still fairly rough. You might see kinky fetishes like sounding (sticking a steel pole into your cock), a sexual behavior that is not for the squeamish. Similar to sites like Breeder Fuckers, Scary Fuckers is more extreme than most of the gay porn out there so for that reason alone its worth a look. Don’t worry, if you get too scared you can always shut off your monitor!