Samuel O’Toole

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Every now and then a male porn star comes along who becomes so popular he gets a whole website devoted to him. It’s easy to see why Samuel O’Toole earned this honor. This handsome, horny hunk has a sexy smile and a killer body that is very easy on the eyes. He’s also sexually versatile, having sex with both men and women and not against sticking a cock in his mouth when needed, although I have yet to see his ass get the same treatment. Samuel looks Italian so I’m not sure why he got the Irish moniker O’Toole, but you won’t be thinking about that as you watch this charismatic young man blow his load numerous times.

His website has dozens of videos featuring Samuel jerking off and having sex with both guys and girls. I’m not a huge fan of heterosexual porn but I swear I could watch Samuel read the phone book and be able to jerk off to it. There are also many “behind the scenes” videos that show Samuel and his co-stars relaxed and often goofing around. I enjoyed these almost as much as the hardcore scenes!

As mentioned, Samuel has no problem sucking cock or rimming a guys ass and his huge dick is a sight to behold. So is his body, very toned and muscular but not too big. Of course that handsome face is probably his best asset… what a great smile and sexy eyes. To wrap things up, Samuel O’Toole is a sexually charged man who I would love to cuddle up with. Until that happens I have his website and extensive video collection to enjoy!

(Update: It looks like Samuel may be taking a break from porn work because his site has not updated lately. But there is still a large collection of videos and you also get access to about a dozen other gay porn sites with your membership so I can continue to recommend it.)

Visit SAMUEL O’TOOLE here!