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Pure CFNM is another entry in the Clothed Female Nude Male humiliation niche and this one is notable because of its selection of cute young British guys and men with monster size cocks. One of their male models in particular has a 12 inch dick which is mesmerizing to look at. Who cares if women are the ones who get to play with these cocks? I’m able to look past the girls and concentrate on the guys, which is fairly easy with the women clothed. As I gay dude I couldn’t care less about tits and pussy, I’m all about hot guys and hard cocks and thankfully there are plenty of those on display at Pure CFNM.

Like my other favorite site in this niche, CFNM TV, both sites create some elaborate storylines to justify getting a man naked in front of a group of women. I’m talking about everything from female aliens to school teachers to doctors. Weird and wacky stuff. Other scenes present more traditional fantasies like getting stuck in an elevator or being stripped on an airplane.

As is the norm with CFNM the men are stripped naked, humiliated and degraded and then jerked off, all consensual of course. Pure CFNM is a little different in that the men often get blowjobs or are forced to fuck an actual pussy, rather than other CFNM sites that stick with handjobs for the forced orgasm. I can also report that although there are some truly handsome and cute guys here this particular CFNM site has a large percentage of older “average” men. Maybe you’ll like that but for me I ignore those scenes and go straight to the younger more fit men. There are definitely some memorable CFNM scenes here that earn a coveted place on my hard drive so if you enjoy the Clothed Female Nude Male niche as much as I do, or are just curious to see what it is, Pure CFNM is worth your time.

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