Men At Play

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This unique gay porn site features masculine men in expensive business suits that would make Brooks Brothers proud (and horny!). It took me awhile to warm up to Men At Play because hunky men in clothes is sort of the opposite of what I write about here at Naked Men Links. But the men are so breathtakingly handsome and muscled that I’m willing to overlook the business suit aspect of the site, and luckily for me the clothes usually come off by the end of most videos anyhow. You may have the opposite reaction and get extremely turned on seeing men having sex while fully or partially dressed. Lord knows the “business suit fetish” niche must have some admirers because Men At Play has been around for awhile. The site has a lot going for it with hairy men who simply ooze masculinity just by standing there. Based on the accents and uncut cocks the models seem to be mostly British or European although a few Americans like Paul Wagner and Spencer Reed are flown in for guest appearances. So if you can get off by watching men in clothes masturbating and having hardcore gay sex, Men At Play will be nirvana. For the rest of us who prefer to see our muscle men fully naked, you’ll have fun here also.

Enter Men At Play here!