Lucas Kazan

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Italian men are some of the hottest on the planet so you’d think there would be more gay porn sites featuring them but to my knowledge Lucas Kazan is the only one. The men here are breathtakingly beautiful. Hard muscles, gorgeous faces and sexy asses adorn these Italian hunks. Mamma mia, I love these guys! The site features a mixture of solo jack-off and gay sex scenes.

Hairy chested stud Ettore Tosi was one of their early models and he stuck around over the years as one of their directors behind the scenes, although occasionally he’s coaxed back in front of the camera for some gay sex, often breaking in new studs. Another model I lust after is Wagner, a beefy, cute hunk of a man with deep dark eyes and an amazingly handsome face.

One of my other favorite things about Lucas Kazan is the photography. Very high quality and it shows off the men in some creative and erotic ways. Although come to think of it I suppose its impossible to take a bad picture of these models… they’re just that good looking.

I also enjoy the many casting videos where we get to see amateur pornstars in the making, getting naked and jerking off. If fan reaction is good the guys might be brought back for more films.

So when you have a taste for Italian and you’re feeling horny (like now?) I heartily recommend becoming a member of Lucas Kazan.

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