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Lucas Entertainment is a gay porn website that will surprise you with the variety and depth of content you receive as a member. If you’re an old-timer like me you may recall how this studio was one of the most prolific in the gay porn DVD market a while ago, putting out more than 200 titles. Now that most people get their porn online, Lucas ported over their extensive DVD library of more than 1500 videos to the web, while continuing to make new scenes on a regular basis.

The Lucas in Lucas Entertainment is Michael Lucas, a Russian-Israeli-American who back in the late 90’s began his porn career in front of the camera. No surprise there because Mr. Lucas has classic matinee idol good looks, a toned body and a mouth watering dick.

Now in his mid 40’s, Lucas still appears in videos but most of his time is spent behind the scenes as a director where he has worked with some of the biggest names and cocks in the gay porn biz. Lucas Entertainment is one of the only gay porn studios based in New York City and it’s impressive that they’ve been around for more than 20 years!

The videos from Lucas Entertainment are known for their high quality, stunning men and for being filmed around the world, although honestly this isn’t always obvious because the scenes are often shot in hotel rooms. Because the studio has been around for so long many older titles are in standard definition, but don’t worry all the latest titles are filmed in crisp and clear high definition.

The studio offers a few niche interests such as men having sex while wearing business suits and a kink section called Lucas Raunch with pissing and other fetish scenes.

While reading online user comments about the site you may see several complaints about “fake cumshots”, where the splooge seems just a little too abundant and perhaps not authentic. I cannot confirm or deny this but I will say the men are so hot I never found myself wondering if the jizz was real or not.

The Lucas Entertainment free tour website is pretty erotic all by itself and may be enough to get you off. It contains video clips and breathtaking photos of the men, giving you a good idea of what you can expect once you subscribe. Video and photo download quality is excellent and there are dozens of videos you’ll want to keep stored on your hard drive for future enjoyment.

It’s quite impressive when a porn studio can still be around after 20 years and one look at Lucas Entertainment and I think you’ll see why. It’s a must-see gay porn site for anyone who loves naked men!

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