Jake Cruise

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As the ultimate gay daddy sex figure, Jake Cruise has the best job in the world. Now admittedly this statement is slightly biased since it comes from the writer of a gay porn review site. But from my perspective (and maybe yours), is there a better way to make a living than by having sex with super hot men? I think not.

Jake is a middle-aged man who took his love of hunky young guys and turned it into one of the most successful gay porn sites on the internet. His videos fall under the “gonzo” genre, a type of porn where the video director includes himself in the sex scenes. It’s a fairly common genre in the world of straight porn and Jake has easily become one of the most prolific gay gonzo directors out there. If I had a bigger dick and wasn’t so camera shy this is exactly the kind of porn site I would probably start. So if you’re like me, we can all live vicariously through Jake’s sexual adventures.

Before I go too much further I should recognize the fact that for some of you the sight of a naked middle-aged man is enough to cause immediate boner withdrawal. Don’t get me wrong, Jake is an attractive guy, but if gray hair or older men turn you off, you might not enjoy this website. I must admit that Jake is not really my idea of a porn fantasy man so when I’m on his site I tend to focus in on the younger, hunky guys, blocking out Jake… sort of like what I do when I watch straight porn and look past the women. On the other hand, if you’re into the “daddy” type then Jake Cruise will certainly provide you with hours of jerk-off fun.

The site has been around since 2002 and has a huge catalog of videos and photos. Most of the scenes feature Jake and some young hunk having steamy gay sex. Jake is a versatile daddy and will easily bottom or top as the scene calls for. There are also several massage videos where Jake works over every inch of a model, finishing off with a “happy ending”. Jake has some seductive magic fingers and knows just how to bring the guys to the edge of ecstasy and beyond. There are also solo masturbation and gay sex scenes between two guys without Jake involved. In short, there is a lot of variety here and all of it is very high quality.

Of course, the real highlight at the Jake Cruise porn site are the men he seduces. Each one is super hot, mega muscled and usually quite hung. Jake also gives us a lot of variety, from hairy masculine hunks to smooth skinned young twinks. What’s interesting is that all of the guys seem to really enjoy their sex with Jake, a fact that makes me, another middle-aged man, very envious. The skeptical among you may question the sincerity of the young models affection towards Jake as merely the result of extra cash being thrown their way. But after seeing his videos I think it’s pretty obvious that the young studs genuinely like Jake and enjoy his company, proof that a winning personality does count for something.

Jake Cruise is not without controversy since he was one of the first directors to film “bareback” scenes where the guys don’t use condoms. There is a fairly detailed explanation for this practice on the site and I have no problem with his justification. If bareback sex turns you off you can either avoid watching the bareback videos or just go elsewhere. Even if you have something against condom-less sex you should find much to like here.

Jake also runs the Cocksure Men pornsite that features hardcore gay sex scenes between muscle hunks, with Jake staying behind the camera directing.

So in summary, Jake Cruise makes videos that give us middle age and older guys a chance to live the fantasy of hooking up with a hot young hunk. Even if “gay daddy porn” is not your cup of tea you’ll probably find a lot to like at this site.

Visit JAKE CRUISE here!