Hot House

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If you were watching gay porn before the days of the internet, back when VHS tape and later DVDs were the primary way to get your gay sex fix, then you’re probably familiar with Hot House Studios. This legendary video company made some scorching hot videos featuring ultra-masculine men and extreme rough sex. The Hot House website carries on the quality and is definitely worth a look.

You can watch classic scenes from their extensive library and newer videos featuring some rising porn studs. The sex action goes from intense all the way up to fucking “oh my god” they did what? There are group sex orgies, lots of leather, jockstraps and uniforms, plus some fantasy role-playing scenes featuring doctors and football players. Several gay porn superstars show up here like Spencer Reed, Connor Maguire, Bravo Delta, Austin Wolf, Jimmy Durano and many more.

There’s a reason studios like Hot House have been around for so long: high production values, mega hot manly men and most of all, intense gay sex action. Follow the below ink to go directly to their sign-up page so you can become a member today and see this awesome site.

Join HOT HOUSE now!