Groping Hands

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It’s all hands on dick at Groping Hands, an excellent handjob gay porn site where cute young British lads are stripped and wanked. The site is made by the same guys who produce The Casting Room and CFNM TV so many of the same models show up here. At Groping Hands the videos are broken up into three parts:

  • Touched, where the guy has his clothes removed and his body rubbed and probed by some male handlers.
  • Deflowered, a nice way of describing the model getting his ass probed by the fingers of his handlers, usually resulting in moans and looks of surprise and discomfort on the models faces.
  • Wanked, the final scene where the model is jerked off. In some cases he can’t stay hard with a strangers hands doing the wanking so he’ll end up stroking his own cock to orgasm. Also, a few of the models are forced to eat their own cum!

A few of the guys also appear in a scene called Stripped where we get to see them do a slow striptease.

Because the site is based in Great Britain you can expect to see mostly uncut dicks, which is great if you enjoy seeing foreskin pulled and played with. Occasionally models from South Africa and Europe show up and overall I’d rate the quality of guys here quite high. There are definitely some hot and handsome men submitting to the Groping Hands.

The video quality is great but don’t expect lots of photos, in fact the ones I saw appeared to just be screen grabs from the videos. Its also not clear how regular the site updates are but I found enough hot videos to keep me occupied for quite some time.

The thing I like most about Groping Hands are the scenes where the models get rock hard erections and then blast out a load of cum on to their belly. I could watch videos like this all day so if these kind of scenes get you off follow the link below to join this enjoyable handjob site.