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Prostate massage. If you’ve ever had one you know how intense it can be. If the prostate is rubbed in just the right spot pre-cum can begin to ooze out of a dick involuntarily, followed soon by an explosive cumshot. Sounds hot, right? So its kind of surprising that Club Amateur USA is one of the only gay porn sites that specializes in this intense sex act. As the name says, the guys here are amateurs with little or no prior porn experience. They range from “average” guy next door types to “oh my god” gym hunks, many with huge cocks. In each video they strip down naked, hop up on a massage table and get a full body rub down including a “happy ending” that results from a thorough handjob given by a professional, in this case CAUSA owner Casey Black. Some of the luckier guys also get the aforementioned prostate massage, resulting in moans of pleasure, oozing pre-cum, rigid cocks and streams of sperm. In a few cases the prostate probing actually produces an involuntary cum shot from the surprised man and I must say these are my favorite scenes! Another thing I love about CAUSA is how every last drop of cum is milked out of the models. Some of the best reactions and moans of pain/pleasure come about at the point just after orgasm when the cocks are most sensitive. I mean, just look at the faces of some of the guys in the above photo slideshow! Boy, would I love to have Casey Black’s job! As an extra bonus, your membership also gives you access to Badpuppy, one of our favorite gay porn megasites. Handjob sites aren’t for everyone but if watching a hot guy have the cum forced out of him is your cup of tea then you’ll have plenty to quench your thirst at Club Amateur USA.

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