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Young guys in the 18 to 21 age range get stripped naked and sexually dominated in this extreme twink fetish site. Slave master Sebastian Kain exhibits creativity and skill in the way he dominates the guys (and yes, all activity is consensual of course). As you would expect at a twink site, the guys are smooth and cute, and almost all possess larger than average uncut cocks. Combining several gay niches (twinks, bondage, fetish) Boynapped has some intense gay sex action you won’t find anywhere else.

This site could have been called “kinky twinks” because of the extreme fetish action these young guys get subjected to. There’s something for everyone… bondage, handjobs, pissing, electro-stimulation, milking, tickling, flogging, fisting, spanking, cum facials, hot wax and shaving just to name a few. The sex action is great although I wish Seb would slow down his handjob motion a tad. When the guys cum his hand is stroking so fast that the cum splatters everywhere. If he slowed down his hand motion at the point of orgasm the cum might erupt in nice arcs that we could enjoy better. Maybe Seb should take a look at this site to see that slow can sometimes be better.

But on the plus side, after the twink cums Seb continues to massage and stroke the young victims cock for several agonizing minutes. Seeing the young guys moan in pain/pleasure when their cock is most sensitive is worth the price of admission alone. My only other minor complaint is that in many of the scenes the young guy is blindfolded. I realize that this is part of the site theme, but personally I’d rather see their faces as they are subjected to all this pain/pleausre. And for any of you Luke Desmond fans out there (that’s the young British twink with a huge uncut cock who appears on many U.K. based pornsites), he’s the star of many Boynapped videos, both as a dominant master abusing guys and also on the receiving end of relentless punishment.

So if you’re into fetish twink content, this is the website for you!

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