Bentley Race

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Australian men are so damn hot! And this observation is coming from me, a life long American. Sure we have our California surfers, Midwest cowboys and Southern cuties, but Australia has all of those and more. Ever since I was a young lad and saw a magazine photo of Aussie lifeguards with their swim trunks exposing ass cheeks I’ve always found the men from Down Under boner inducing. And nowhere is this more evident than on the excellent Bentley Race gay pornsite. Bentley, or Ben as his mates call him, was actually a male escort at one point in his life when he grabbed a video camera and started filming some of his sexy Aussie buds. Soon he had enough material to start a website and the rest is history.

His website has loads of models, most of which are Australian although Ben has been known to travel the world in search of hot male dick. New models are usually introduced first in a photoset, followed a few days later by the upload of a jerk off video. That is often followed by a “behind the scenes” making of video where you get to be a fly on the wall during the nude photo shoot and filming. Some models even have a third video added where they take a shower, pose on the roof naked or take a bubble bath. In many scenes Ben gets into the action buy giving the model a blowjob or even partaking in some assplay. All of the most recent videos can be streamed in your browser or you can download them to your hard drive for later viewing and re-viewing. Trust me, you’ll be watching many of these scenes over and over. The download quality is excellent and you usually have three quality options, High, Standard and Mobile (for watching on a phone or tablet).

Although the majority of the content is solo wank videos there are also many hardcore gay sex scenes. It looks like most scenes are shot in Ben’s apartment or a hotel room, or as mentioned earlier, up on the rooftop of a building, in plain site of other nearby high-rises. I need a real estate agent to find me a vacancy in one of those buildings! And for those of you that ever wondered what goes into the making of a gay porn video and photo shoot there are plenty of scenes showing Ben posing, directing and putting the naked men through the paces.

Bentley Race has dozens of models that easily got me hard and cumming. I’ve included shots of my favorites in the above slide show but when you join I especially recommend checking out these guys first: James Nowak, Ryan Kai, Skippy Baxter, Damien Lance, Harry Lane and Blake Davis.

I think you’ll really enjoy Bentley Race and if you’re like me will probably be fantasizing about a trip to Australia very soon!

Like a kangaroo, hop on over to BENTLEY RACE now!