Beautiful Agony

The photos above say it all. What you see is exactly what you get at this unusual website: videos that only show the face of men and women as they masturbate and achieve orgasm. I know it sounds like an odd idea for a website but give it a try and I think you might like it. I know I did. Beautiful Agony can hardly be called porn but its as erotic and sensual as any porn site on the web. And no, you won’t see a nude dude or a penis here, so you might wonder why I’m including it on NakedMenLinks. Well quite frankly many of the men here are drop dead gorgeous so that alone got my attention. And watching them masturbate to orgasm, even if I only see their face grimacing and moaning, was enough to give me several hard-ons.

The premise of the site is simple: average, everyday people are encouraged to film themselves masturbating. Somehow these people figure out a way to hang or mount a camera over their heads so we get to see a God’s eye view of what they look like in their most intimate moments. As far as I know these people don’t get anything for their trouble other than access to the site and the thrill of knowing the world can see them cum. There are also “friend” scenes that feature couples (I counted at least one gay pair) masturbating together or in some cases actually making love. That’s they key here: because these people are presumably in relationships the fucking is more sensual than any porn on the internet. These are real people having sex, but again, we only get to see them from the neck up. Also included are “confessional” videos where the people tell us a little about themselves and their attitudes towards sex.

Now if you’re like me you’ll be concentrating on the men at Beautiful Agony and they cum in all shapes and sizes. Most seem to be from Great Britain based on the accents, or perhaps other parts of Europe. There appear to be very few Americans on the site. I guess we’re a shy country after all, or maybe no one here can figure out the appeal of this site. It may not be for everyone but if watching the facial expressions and hearing the moans of hot men as they cum makes you hard then this site is nirvana. If it does nothing else, Beautiful Agony may make you want to pull out your own cock and a video camera to show the world what you look like in your moment of ecstasy/agony.

Visit Beautiful Agony here!