Bang Bang Boys

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You may have heard of Bang Bang Boys since it has a catchy name and has been around for a few years. And if you enjoy muscled Latin men you’ve probably even joined as a member and have been very satisfied, just like me. But there is much more to Bang Bang Boys than just hot Latinos, and if you’re into naked dudes you REALLY need to visit this excellent site.

I usually only need a few days, maybe a week to go through a gay porn site before I have enough information to write a review. With Bang Bang Boys its taken me a fricken’ month! Why so long? Because there are so many hot, masculine guys at this site that I literally found myself jerking off before I could get far enough through their site to write a review. But now finally, after wanking my way through the plethora of hunks at Bang Bang Boys, I can explain why the site is worth your time and money.

Almost all of the men here (and there are dozens, maybe hundreds) are amazingly handsome. If they’re not a muscled bodybuilder they’re a cute young twink. In some lucky cases, they’re both! A good example is Christopher Moraes, a blonde hunk and one of my favorites. I take one look at Christopher and can’t stop staring at his photos, then I have to check out his videos and bam, white spunk shoots out on to my keyboard!

The scenes seem to be fairly evenly split between solo jack-off videos and gay sex hardcore between two hot guys, sometimes group orgies. Plus there are behind the scenes photo shoot videos and even some straight sex videos where the guys fuck girls. Because almost all of the guys are from Brazil and surrounding Latin countries you can expect to see lots of golden bodies, deep brown eyes and huge uncut dicks!

The site also has photo galleries of the models and the work here is often breathtakingly beautiful. You can tell they have a pro photographer on staff who has a high quality camera and knows how to use it. And best of all, many of the shots show off the guys with full erections. I’m talking raging hard-on shots, my favorite kind!

As for the video options, you can download files to your hard drive and thankfully they’ve switched over to the MP4 format which plays well on most devices. One possible drawback is that they only offer one file size, which is great quality, but may take awhile to download. If you don’t want to wait you can just stream the videos in your browser.

So is there anything I don’t like about Bang Bang Boys? Not really. If I had to pick one quibble, the site used to have a lot of “product placement” with their models wearing branded clothing by Aussie Bum, Ginch Gonch and others but they seem to have cut back or even stopped that practice.

In short there is a LOT to see and jerk off to at Bang Bang Boys, a site I can highly recommend.

Visit BANG BANG BOYS here!